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Message From The Founder

When I started Dear Asian Youth San Francisco in 2020, I had no idea how much growth it would eventually have and the impact it would soon create. From the countless Zoom meetings and activities held during the pandemic to the long days of outreach in neighborhoods, the work never seemed like a burden, more of a relief, knowing the hours I was putting in were going towards the communities I cared so deeply about. Through all the fundraisers, community events, and advocacy initiatives, I've had the pleasure of working with so many engaged and diligent youth leaders from all across the city whose mutual desire to make an impact always shone through. Dear Asian Youth San Francisco has impacted me in ways I didn't know were possible, allowing me to grow as a leader and advocate, meet so many like-minded peers, and promote intersectional activism through the

many events we were able to organize. Dear Asian Youth San Francisco was able to reach so many unforgettable milestones in such a short amount of time, speaking volumes for the amount of work and effort these leaders put into carrying out our mission. Raising funds for COVID-impacted businesses, launching our newsletter initiative, meeting with local legislators to advocate for issues, building a network of local officials and organizations, and receiving a Certificate of Honor from the Board of Supervisors were all just a preview of all that is yet to come to the organization.


As young people, we are the next generation of changemakers that will one day make life-changing decisions that will help communities from all aspects of life. In just several years, we will be the ones that sit in the seats of our political officials, continuing their work but creating our legacy in its path.


As I move on to college and beyond, departing from the organization's leadership team, I hope to stay connected as a resource, but I have complete trust and faith in the future board of leaders. These people are some of the most passionate and driven high schoolers I have met, and I know they will continue increasing the reach of Dear Asian Youth San Francisco, impacting the lives and futures of Asian youth all over the city.


Thank you DAY SF. 

With love and gratitude,

Matthew Chen, Founder

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